I went to the hospital to have my second child without packing pants. Any pants at all. Not even to come home in.

No pants, guys.

I was so ready, but didn't prepare at all. Do you feel me on that?

We decided not to find out the gender of our second, and I was SO PUMPED to meet this little one! So pumped in fact that, looking back, I really didn't fully prepare myself in any way - Brain, Bag, or Birth. Having been blessed with birthing three different times now, the prep work is a little different each time, but there are certain aspects of baby prepping that really are essential. (Like pants.)

Brain: Life is about to change. Big time.

I truly cannot stress this enough. Your life is about to get turnt up. But I promise, it will be turnt in a good way!

  1. Love on your older child(ren) lots and lots. You are going to say goodbye to your only child very soon and will apply your "Mom of Two" badge. Enjoy life as it is in this moment for just a little longer. Do the outings together. Read that one extra story he/she always wants right before bed. Don't let yourself say "I should have..." after baby #2 arrives.
  2. Your older child will need time to adjust. EXPECT A PERIOD OF TRANSITION. This event is life changing for all involved. There will be tears but there will be love. Allowing your older child to be involved in every aspect of this transition can be healing for both you and your spouse, and your child.
  3. It may sound cliche, but take a moment for yourself. Go to Target and browse. Get a pedicure. Ask your spouse to take your child for the day and enjoy the silence of your home. Whatever moment means the most to you as your own individual, NOT A MOTHER, do it.

Bag: Remember Pants. And a few other things.

Packing a hospital bag for the birth of my first child took weeks. I'm not kidding. I was so into it and felt like I was being such a good mom already - I took twelve white onesies - yes, I was that clueless. Then it came time to pack for my second. It took all of about 18 seconds while I was contracting and 6cm dilated, hence my lack of pants. Guys, I'm obsessed with the damn pants.

I could name a minimum of 579 items to take, but here are just a few I personally felt helped me the second time around.

  1. Your own blankie. Yes, you are once again two years old in need of your security blankie. I mean it. Take a comfy piece of home with you. When your child comes to meet his/her sibling for the first time, they will notice that piece of home with you. Hospitals can be scary for little ones (and adults!)
  2. A small gift from new baby to not-so-new baby. Give this to your child when he/she comes to meet your new addition. Think of this as a peace offering :)
  3. A larger bag to take allllll the extra surfboard size pads and mesh undies home. Doing the walk of shame with a clear hospital bag full of those treasures the first time around wasn't my finest moment.

And please, don't pack your own undies this time. Wear those mesh undies with pride.

Birth: You're no rookie this time around!

Everybody watch out! Seasoned birthing pro coming through! No matter what way you are birthing, you most likely know the ropes. You know all the feels and the hallway of unknown is a place of the past. You are strong and confident this time around and it is going to show!

Maybe you're still a little nervous about the whole process? Maybe you want a little help during and after birth? Don't forget the support Doula's who are available to you! Head over to and search birth and postpartum doula's available near you. :: cough cough Mallory Scalise is amazing cough cough::

Because of my severe postpartum depression after the birth of my first child, I did my research and chose to encapsulate my placenta the second and third time around. How I wish I knew the benefits of this art before becoming a mother! In it's most primal form, ingesting the afterbirth is common practice. If Kim Kardashian and January Jones found benefit in placenta encapsulation, we all can right?? Speeding up recovery. Increased milk production. Help with hormone balancing? Yes, please. If you find this to be a good fit for you, research a certified, reputable Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in your area.

With all that being said, just know you are a miracle maker. Your body was made to birth. You can and will do this - beautifully.