I believe you are here for a reason. Whether it be coincidence or divine intervention, our paths were meant to cross.

My name is Millicent. Wife, Mother of three incredible souls, backyard chicken momma, and Pittsburgh Lifestyle Photographer.

I am a story teller. Like you, my life is filled with chapters that now make up the story of my life. Some incredibly beautiful, others were happily closed in anticipation on another. My business "bloomed" from my crippling experiences with Postpartum Depression after the birth of my son. I was so lost. So much pain filled my heart. I couldn't love anything. I wanted my life as it was then to end.

The first time I felt an ounce of love for my child was the first time I picked up my camera and took a picture of him.

He was four months old.

I was addicted. I found that when I had my camera in my hand, I felt like a version of myself that I had lost. I was confident and capable. I wanted to feel that feeling as often as I could. So I kept taking pictures. I kept learning.

I kept growing.

I accepted my story. I started to heal. I started to love again. I realized that I didn't need to run away from this chapter of my life. I bloomed where I was planted.

In 2018, Native Bloom was born. Its name being a reflection of myself, my story, and the stories of so many mothers who walk through darkness. Through these incredible years of being invited into so many lives, I have found a means to not just take pictures. When you look at your photos, you will feel them, then see them. My goal is to capture your life as it is. Candid, unposed, muddy baby knees, postpartum weight. I want it all. And I believe you deserve it all.

I want you to look back on this chapter of your life with admiration. For who you were and who you have become since then. My hope is that I can give you the gift of freezing a small part of this chapter with images that you will cherish for years to come.

I cannot wait to see your chapter unfold in front of my eyes.

Hugs ✨


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